Sunday, September 8, 2013

Rabbit set back.

We lost a rabbit last night.  I'm not sure what happened. 
RIP buddy.  We hardly knew you.
I was in the yard with my kids after church.  My daughter went to check on the rabbits.  She came back and said, "Mister isn't moving.  I think he might be dead." 

So I went to check and sure enough he wasn't moving.  Ugh.  I did notice over the past week or so that he wasn't eating much.  Misses needed her feeder filled every day.  He didn't need his filled nearly as often.  It was the same story with the water and hay.  She was going through both far faster than he was.  He was probably sick and we just didn't know it.  He was active and hopping around his cage.  He wasn't lethargic or anything.  So who knows...

My kids are taking it fine.  When I asked my daughter, she said she was upset a little bit.  She isn't showing it at all.  So she's dealing with it well.  I'm bummed.  I hate to lose another animal.  I've already informed the dog that she isn't allowed to die. 

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