Monday, September 2, 2013

Ducks at two months.

The ducks have grown a lot in the last two months.  When we got them they looked like this.
July 3, 2013
Now they look like this.
September 2, 2013
Ducks are interesting.  They stick together.  The chickens will wonder off and do their own thing.  If one of the ducks gets separated from the others it'll freak out.  They're really a tight group.  I wonder how that's going to work when they start laying.  They aren't as friendly as the chickens either.  I can get close to the chickens and as long as I don't try to pick them up they are fine.  The ducks freak out if you get within 10 feet of them.  My only complaint with them is the freaking out.  Khaki Campbells are supposed to be quiet ducks.  These guys talk a lot!  Most of the time it's not too loud.  It's just a constant, "quack quack quack."  But once in a while, or if they get spooked, they'll let out a big loud honk. 

Anyway, it's apparent in the picture above that the ducks are a little big for the original tub we got.  So it was time for another one.  I picked up a large mixing tub at Home Depot.  The first one held 10 gallons.  This one is twice as big and holds 20.  My son had to test it out on the patio.  Let me tell you...  Emptying those 20 gallons of water was a chore...  One that he didn't do.
I like to automate things as much as possible.  That meant putting a float valve on the new tub. 
Then I moved the tub to the back corner of the yard by the chicken coop.  We have this area fenced off.  This gives us the ability to keep the birds contained in a smaller space if the need arises. 

I connected the float valve to on the tub to the rain barrel next to my shed.
I installed a 1/2" PVC pipe with ball valve for a drain.  I documented how I did this on the first tub for the ducks.
I don't know how long it took for the tub to fill.  I opened the valve in the evening and in the morning the tub was full.
I haven't seen the ducks try the new tub yet.  They still prefer the other one.  Of course, it's in the middle of the yard and the new one is back in the corner.  Obviously I'm more likely to see them in the old one.

As for housing...  I moved the old chicken tractor into the area with the coop.  The ducks have been staying in it. 
Here's a picture of the entire area.  Duck house/tractor on the left, coop in the middle, and duck water on the right (in the corner). 

There's one more thing that I have to share.  It's a video of the ducks in the water. 

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