Monday, July 14, 2014

Garden Trellis Update

Several months ago I built some trellises in my garden.  They were fairly simple to construct.  I used trees from my woods and lashed them together with square lashings.  The plan was to use them to grow peas and cucumbers.

So how's it working?

The trellis for the peas worked out fairly well.  Below is a picture taken on June 21.  The peas were nearing their end.  I've removed them since this picture was taken.  I saved the few remaining pea pods for seed for next year.
Some of the peas made it to the top of the trellis.
The trellis for the slicing cucumbers still looks pretty good.  This trellis had more vertical support lines which made it have a smaller grid.  I think I made the mistake of planting too many cucumbers.  They starting growing every which way and became a tangled mess.  I had difficulty getting them to climb the trellis.  I've made a note to plant fewer next year.
The trellis for the pickling cucumbers has not done well.  Several pieces of twine running horizontally have broken.  The stuff just wasn't strong enough to hold the weight.
You can see the large grid at the top and the gaping hole in the middle.
This is a closer view of the hole.  There used to be a grid of twine there.
Even with the broken twine these cucumbers have managed to climb.
Next year I'll have to find some stronger twine or maybe even use paracord.  That along with fewer plants should solve the problem.

Here's the first trellis after the peas had been removed.

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