Wednesday, July 2, 2014

An update on blueberries and strawberries.

I planted some blueberries bushes back in May of 2012 (see here, here, and here).  Two years have passed, so an update is long overdue.
 When I put these plants in they looked like little twigs.  Now they're actually producing blueberries.
Same plants different angle.
You can see all of the berries on this plant.  They aren't close to being ripe yet.
If I have any complaints it's that the berries don't ripen at the same time.  I get 3-4 ripe berries per day, which I then eat immediately.  I'm not getting enough to use for anything like pies or ice cream.  I'm not really complaining though since I still get to eat blueberries.

Below is a picture of my strawberries.  These things spread like weeds.  You'd never know it by looking at the picture, but I thinned this bed out last September.  I need to thin it out again in the fall. 

I did manage to get a quart or two of strawberries at the end of May.  There were OK.  They were little, and by the time I picked them they were on the squishy side.  They made some good ice cream though.  So I can't complain.
Strawberries from my back yard.
Homemade strawberry ice cream.

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