Thursday, October 10, 2013

Harvesting peppers

I didn't have a lot of luck starting peppers last spring.  I started seeds in my garage and moved the plants into my raised beds in April.  Then we had a month of clouds and rain and the plants didn't grow at all.  I had to start more seeds in May
Pepper harvest on 9-25-2013

I can't really complain now though.  The peppers are pretty much the only things left in my garden.  The tomatoes got too much rain didn't do too well as a result.  I still have one or two tomatillo plants hanging on.  I've taken the rest out.  They were falling over and turning brown.  I got tired of looking at them and took them out.
I don't know what kind of peppers these are.  I should really learn how to identify them.
Here's the raised bed where most of the peppers reside.  Some leaf lettuce in the corner came back to life once it got cool again.  The tomatoes at the end need to be removed.

Pepper harvest 10-09-2013
We had some strong winds the other day so I went out and picked as many peppers as I could (see above).  I left a lot of the small ones.  I don't know if they'll get big or not.  It's getting kind of late for peppers.  If they don't make it I won't complain.  I'm really happy with what I was able to produce.

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