Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lacto Fermented Garlic

After learning how easy it was to make sauerkraut, I wondered what else I could ferment.

My wife and I both like garlic and she cooks with it a lot.  So I figured why not?  I found an followed this recipe.

The process is pretty straight forward.  Blanch the garlic in boiling water for 30 seconds.  This is done to make peeling the garlic easier.  Pack the peeled garlic cloves in the jar and fill with a 3.6% salt water brine.  The 3.6% brine is made by adding two tablespoons of salt to one quart of water.  Fill the air lock with water and close the lid. 

This is what it looked like after one week on the counter. 

A close up picture of the air lock.

So how did it turn out you ask?  Well after a week on the counter I opened the jar and ate one of the cloves.  It tasted like... garlic, really strong garlic.  Then I re-read the recipe.  After it sits on the counter for a week, you're supposed to let it age in the refrigerator for 3 months!  I wish I had read that before tasting it.  I have to wait until mid-March to find out whether or not the additional 3 months do anything, or if it still tastes like really strong garlic. 

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