Monday, January 23, 2012

Mini Greenhouse #2

The previous owners of our house left several 2x4's in the garage.  They were taking up space and I didn't want to just throw them out.  So, I decided to build another mini-greenhouse.

I took my time building this one.  I took accurate measurements and used a circular saw to make straight cuts.  This structure is a lot more solid than the other one.  I didn't include any diagonal bracing.  I'm happy about this since the braces take up interior space in the other one. 

After the frame was put together I stapled some plastic to it.  I also added some handles.  They were made from 6" pieces of 2x2 left over from the first greenhouse.  They are a great addition.  It's easy to move around.  Once I get some more screws I plan to update the original one with some handles.

Here it is in place.  I haven't added black fabric, a fan, or heat.  For now I'll just keep what I have in the big mini-greenhouse.  Then in a few weeks when stops going below freezing at night I'll put stuff in the small one.

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