Monday, February 6, 2012

Growing under lights

Remember these?

These are the radishes that I started in the mini-greenhouse.  They've been doing so well, that I've taken them out of the greenhouse and have been leaving them out in the sun during the day for the past week.  I've been bringing them into the garage on the nights when it gets into the 30's. 

Well, the weather hasn't been cooperating this weekend.  It's been cloudy and rainy.  So I had to come up with a plan B.

I had a 4-tier plastic shelf in the garage and some old 4' T12 shop lights.  The previous owner had them mounted under the cabinets in the garage.  They buzz like crazy and it drives me nuts.  So I replaced them with new T8 fixtures.

I hung the lights from the shelves with some cord.  I made use of my knowledge from Boy Scouts and tied them up using an adjustable knot known as the two-half hitches.  This will allow me to raise the lights as the plants grow. 

The containers with the kale are narrow and fit under the shop light perfectly.

The shelves weren't wide enough to fit the shop lights in there side-by-side.  So I took one of the other lights and put it on there as well.

Now the big question is, will this work?  These fixtures contain regular old T12 bulbs.  I don't have special full spectrum grow light bulbs.  I don't know if the plants will care or not.  I'm going to have to wait and see.  I don't plan on making this permanent anyway.  When the sun come out again, the plants will go back outside.  Until then they'll have to settle for artificial light.

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