Sunday, February 26, 2012

Potting Up.

The seeds that I started a while back are doing really well. 

So well, that I had to move them to bigger containers.  I decided to go with 3" pots

I started by putting soil in my wheel barrow.  I threw in some potting soil, garden soil, and cow manure compost.  I'm not picky.  When it comes to soil, I tend to use whatever I have available. 

I filled the pots about half way full with the soil mixture.  Then I carefully dug around the plants.  I tried not to disturb the roots as much as possible.  I put the plants in the pot and filled up the rest of the pot with soil
Happy Brussels Sprout in its new home.
I didn't have enough containers for every plant.  The plants that are left will have room to grow.  I threw some more pepper seeds in to see if they'll sprout as well. 

I put the potted plants into bigger bins so they'll be easier to move around.  Luckily the weather has been cooperating during the day and I've been able to put them out in the sun.

Having the plants in bins offers one other advantage.  I can water them from the bottom.  I can just pour water into the bin and it'll get absorbed from the bottoms of the 3" pots.

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