Thursday, May 29, 2014

Backyard Broilers -- Round 2: Week 8

They made it.  I haven't counted lately, but I'm pretty sure I still have all 15 of my birds.  They made it to 8 weeks.  According to the hatchery I got them from they should be 5.5-6 lbs.  
I'm probably going to feel a little bad about putting these guys in the freezer.  They don't even run from me.  When I go out to check on them they swarm around my feet.  They know that I provide the food. 
They still spend a lot of time eating.  They finished off another 50 lb. bag of soy free feed this past week.  I have one more 50 lb. bag.  Hopefully it'll be enough. 
I have to fill this gallon waterer at least once a day.  The quart waterer gets filled more frequently than that.  And... They've also figured out how to use the poultry nipple waterer.  They drink a lot of water.
I don't know how long it's going to take me to process these birds.  I averaged an hour per bird last year.  I'm hoping that it doesn't take that long this time. 

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