Sunday, May 4, 2014

The last of the plants are in the ground.

I didn't have a lot of luck getting my peppers going last year.  They eventually produced, but getting them going was a problem.  Anyway...  I was hoping to avoid those problems this year by keeping the peppers in the greenhouse longer. 

I took the peppers out of the greenhouse yesterday and moved them to the driveway.  I thought I'd give them at least one day in their new environment.
A mix of sweet and hot peppers.
I still had a few tomato and tomatillo plants in the greenhouse.  I wanted to get them in the ground as well.  I was surprised to see their sad state when I went in to get them.  Apparently they don't do well when it's 113*.  I watered them and planted them in my back yard.  I think they'll be fine (as long as the chickens don't get 'em).
The peppers went into my raised beds and several containers.
I put four hot pepper plants down the middle of this bed.  Picking them might be an issue.
Four sweet pepper plants went into this bed.

The remainder of the peppers went into containers.
I can almost taste the salsa already.

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