Thursday, May 1, 2014

Garden Status for April 2014

April just ended so I thought I'd post some pictures of how the garden is doing.
The kale I planted last fall is going crazy.  I'm hoping to collect seed from it.
Peas are starting to climb the trellis.  On the other side of the bed are beans.
That's leaf lettuce in the corner and pumpkins in the middle.
Tomatillos at the back of the bed and pickling cucumbers under the trellis.
Slicing cucumbers coming in under the trellis and tomatoes along the other side.

I have tomatoes in this bed along with two tiny squash plants and oregano that won't go away.
Here's a wide shot of the entire area.  I don't have anything in the containers on the driveway yet.
I've been following the plan that I wrote down back in January.  As I plant things I mark the date.  It's worked out great.  I know where stuff is so I don't accidentally plant something else on top of it.  I also know if something is taking too long to germinate.  I planted some rainbow chard and 3 weeks later it hadn't sprouted.  It turned out that I had too much leaf mulch on the bed and the tiny seedlings couldn't make it through.  So I had to plant some more. 

I haven't gotten the peppers in the ground yet.  They're still in the greenhouse.  I'm hoping to transplant them this weekend.

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