Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Baby Rabbits -- Week 9

The baby rabbits are 9 weeks old and as of now we only have one left.  The other 4 have gone to their new homes.  The one that's left is going to its new home this weekend.

When we started this adventure I was worried that my daughter might have a hard time parting with them.  That hasn't been the case at all.  She's been fine with letting them go.  She's even reminded us that we have to let her do more of the talking when people are here picking them up.

I don't have any new pictures to share, so I thought I'd re-post some of the old ones.
Day 1

1 week old
2 weeks old
3 weeks old
4 weeks old
5 weeks old
6 weeks old
7 weeks old
8 weeks old
I had attempted to take a picture of a brown bunny on top of the hutch each week.  We had two brown ones and I doubt very much that I picked the same one each time.  It's also apparent from the pictures that I had varying amounts of sunlight.  And, the little guys don't hold still.  The older they got the more they hopped around.  Anyway, the pictures give you a sense of how quickly they grew. 

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