Saturday, May 10, 2014

Backyard Broilers -- Round 2: Week 5

The birds are a week older and they're still doing just fine.  Initially I ordered 50 birds and kept 15 for myself.  The rest were split up among 4 other families.  I've heard from two of those families that they've lost birds (3 in total).  I haven't had any problems so far. 
I decided to move the tractor closer to the coop.  That puts it closer to the shed which is where I keep the food. 
The broilers are quite lazy.  They don't journey into the yard anymore.  I prop up the tractor in the morning and they rush out to swarm the feeder.  Then they spend the rest of the day laying under the coop.

They've gotten big fast.  They wobble around when they walk.  It's kind of funny to watch. 
They get picked on by the layers.  I started feeding the broilers soy-free organic feed last week.  Well, the layers won't eat their feed any more.  They just strut right up to the feeder and force the broilers out of the way.  Eventually they leave and the broilers go back to eating.  Silly birds...

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